Retirees Fellowship
Wednesday October 05, 2022

2013 Retiree Luncheon Slideshow

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Retiree's Fellowship

The Retiree’s Fellowship of Memorial Presbyterian Church was organized in 1984. The founders are the late Ruth Funderburk and Ione Jones. Collectively, the group represents a vast resource of outstanding talents which provide new adventures for themselves and others. Twenty-five members of our church responded. The membership was opened to all retirees form all denominations. Today, we have grown to 57 members.

We share numerous activities. We have great fellowship and delicious food. Great singing, solos, plays, games, resource persons, speakers, trips, boat rides, picnics, fashion shows, talent programs, movies, exercise, West Charlotte High School Honor Guard Presentations, Liturgical dance and many other activities.

We have a special program for Mother’s day service every year on the second Sunday in May, to commemorate mothers.

Our organization contributions to the community by donating to the library fund. Every November we donate non-perishable food items to Loaves and Fishes. Then in December, we give fruit baskets to sick and shut-in persons throughout the community. We also send supplies to Haiti.




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