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Synod of the Mid Atlantic Presbyterian Men’s Council
Massanetta Springs Conference Center
712 Massanetta Springs Road, Harrisonburg, VA 22801

Larry U. Anderson, President, 1705 Queen City Dr.#61,Charlotte, NC 28208-3297
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I bring you greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Let's be clear about some things, I love the church, I love the Presbyterian Church, I love Presbyterian Men.

The Men's Ministry and movement in the Presbyterian Church has been a little tenuous at best throughout it's history. This all started around 1895. Following some years of turmoil, we re-emerged in the late 1940's showing some signs of life and vitality. This was true for both segregated denominations.

Following the merger of 1983 and a board meeting in April 1986, it was decided there would be a national equipping event for Synod, Presbytery, and Congregational representatives, followed by a major National Presbyterian Men's Assembly in May 1987 in New Orleans, Louisiana. I had the honor and privilege of attending that first Assembly.

Recently, an article in a local newspaper described our organization as a "new breed of man". It also went on to say that, our men are truly dedicated to making a change and a difference in our communities and surrounding areas. Our men are good, faithful, obedient disciples with a simplified mission; feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, and caring for the hopeless, the wretched, our tired, and our poor. This is our new and stated mission platform, DISCIPLESHIP.

God calls all of us to a Ministry, working for and with each other, in our families, in our workplace, in our communities, in the world, and, in the church. Recent studies, however, have shown that many men know very little of what the Bible says; yet, many express a desire to learn.

The mission of Presbyterian Men, Synod of the Mid-Atlantic is to lead men into a vital relationship with the Church and to assist them in their spiritual growth, strengthening and encouraging them in contributions of time and talent in working with those less fortunate. Involvement of our minds, our hands, and our hearts is in great need. All men in our churches and community are invited to become a viable, effective, dedicated Disciple. It's far better to have something to do, rather than having to do something. Don't you agree? AMEN.


Larry U. Anderson
President, Synod Men's Council
Synod of the Mid-Atlantic