Wednesday May 22, 2019

Memorial Presbyterian News


We graciously welcome Rev. James Thomas as our guest preacher today.

Men's Council Breakfast will be Sunday, May 26, 2019, 8:00 am.

PW will meet Saturday, June 1, 2019 at 10:00 am.

PW will sponsor a reception on Sunday, June 2, 2019 after service for our congregation and guests thanking all for your support of our various projects.

Loaves & Fishes donation boxes will be available for continuous food and paper product contributions which the Deacon Board will deliver to Statesville every two weeks.  Thank you.

The Safety and Security Group is one of the groups identified by the Congregational Gathering, tasked to examine MPC Safety & Security posture and address the findings. The Group's task crosses several Church Committees and Groups purposes, therefore, thus we have Collaborated with the Men's Council, which have representatives from other Church Committees, including PW, to facilitate communication. Through the review of FEMA and NC Sheriffs' Operational Plans, a Presentation by the Mecklenburg County Sheriffs' Dept, consultation with CMPD and Fire Dept, attendance at Community Association Meetings, review of various Presbyterian Churches' Security Policies and Procedures, and articles written by Church Protection Consultants, helped formulated criteria to assess MPC Safety and Security posture. The top safety concern is the prevention of "the active shooter" scenario. To that end, we identified MPC's risk.  Sundays are our highest risk day with incremental increases from 9:30 am to the maximum at 12:15 pm. 

Usually, on Sundays, all entrances to the Church are locked, except the front access to the Education Wing which is opened for a brief period to allow the choir members to enter and dress. That door is secured once the Choir departs the area at 10:50 am, at which time all indoor and outdoor entrances in the Education wing are locked. The side entrance to the church, McDonald's side, is secured at 11:15 am by the ushers. The front door to the church is the only entrance opened throughout the worship hour.

Starting Next Sunday, May 26, 2019,  the front door to the Church is secured at 11:15 am, and a person stationed at the front entrance to allow late arrivals to enter and to challenge unknowns. 






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